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Prepare as well as you possibly can, search the web and research the background of the company and the people who you think are going to be interviewing you. Learn exactly what it is they do and exactly how you would fit in with the company. Most importantly try to understand the “culture” of the company, that is to say its underlying philosophy; the HR departments often state missions and give cultural statements. You need to communicate in a way that mirrors their company standards; this will show you can fit in that organisation. Understand a little of what their competitors are doing. This will show you’ve bothered to find out where their position in the market is. 尽可能的做好准备,浏览网页,了解公司背景,了解面试官的情况。弄明白他们到底是做什么的,你怎么样才能符合公司的要求,这个要求就是公司的“基本理念”,就是人事部门常申明的任务和文化。你需要用反映公司标准的的方式去和面试官交流,这样才能体现出你符合公司的要求。了解他们竞争者的动向,这会让面试官知道你在了解其公司的市场地位这个问题上用了心思。

Just as important is your own personal preparation. Think about the key things you want to communicate and why you would be ideal for the job. Think about you can sound enthusiastic, without sounding desperate; how you can sell yourself. 你个人的准备也是至关重要的。想想你最想向面试官表达的内容,以及为什么你会这份工作的不二人选。想想如何使自己听起来热情而不急切,自媒体文章采集,想想如何推销自己。

During the interview, be a very good listener and if you can find some common ground with your interviewers, you will have a big advantage over your competitors. The interview is basically an interaction between two people, so how you come across as a person is of upmost importance. As soon as you enter the company building, make sure everyone you meet is left with the impression that you are a pleasant person. Sometimes an interview question might seem very simple but, don’t be deceived, there is always a reason for them asking that question. Understand what the top ten most likely questions are going to be and practice some answers. Say your answers aloud and listen to yourself or practice with a friend. If they ask you a question, such as “tell me about your CV”, and you can’t do it fluently, you will find the interviewers will lose interest and you won’t get the job. 面试过程中,做一个聪明的聆听者,如果你能找到你和面试官的相似之处,你将比其他竞争者多出很大优势。面试是两个人之间的相互作用,所以你给人印象是个怎样的人,是面试中至关重要的。一旦你跨进公司门,你要确保留给每个人的印象都是亲切乐观的。有时候,面试问题看起来实在太简单,但不要被表象欺骗,他们问的每一个问题都是有原因的。了解最有可能出现的10个问题,自己排练好问答。回答问题的时候,要声音洪亮,听自己的回答或者和朋友演习一遍。如果他们问你,“讲讲你的简历”,而你不能流利的讲述出来,面试官会对你失去兴趣,你也会和工作失之交臂了。

Generally wear a suit and tie, but it does depend on the job you are going for. You should have discovered, when you studied the company culture, what is expected. For media companies, for example, being smart but casual might be the style they want. They are looking for someone who is comfortable with himself or herself. In this case you should dress for who you are. 通常情况下,面试的时候穿正装,打领带,但具体穿着也和你申请的工作有关。在你面试前你应该了解公司文化,知道穿什么最恰当。例如,对于传媒公司,机智而随性可能是他们想要的风格,他们寻找的人才应当具有自由自信的性格,这种情况下你应该按照自己一贯的风格穿着。

It is natural if you are nervous, in fact it is a good sign; it shows you are taking the interview seriously. However try to avoid nervous mannerisms, such as tapping your foot or playing with your hair. Positive body language is important, so adopt a good posture. If you slouch in your chair the interviewer will think you could be sloppy in your work as well. Positivity is essential in all aspects of your interview. Don’t dwell on past problems with your old job; it’s possible your old boss might be your interviewer’s friend. Plan to have fifteen questions to ask your interviewer; five about the job, five about the company and five about the interviewer. 感到紧张是自然的,实际上,这是一种好的迹象,这说明你已然认真对待这场面试。面试的时候,避免一些不自然的小动作哦,比如不停叩脚,拨弄头发之类。积极的肢体语言很重要,所以尽量采取适合的姿势。如果你斜倚在椅子里,面试官会认为在工作上你也会拖沓松散。积极这种态度应该体现在面试过程中的方方面面。不要抱怨你从前工作上的问题,有可能你前任老板正是面试官的朋友。准备15个问题向面试官提问,5个关于工作,5个关于公司,还有5个关于面试官。

Finally don’t, under any circumstances, be late! 重中之重,无论如何不要迟到!

Underlying philosophy (noun)        Guiding principles
HR departments (noun)            Human Resources departments
Missions (noun)                Goals, aims
Mirrors (verb)                Reflects, matches, copies
Common ground (noun)            Mutual understanding
Upmost (adj)                Greatest, principal, chief
Mannerisms (noun)            Distinctive behavioural attributes
Tapping (verb)                Light knocking
Posture (noun)                Position of the body
Slouch (verb)    Sit with an excessively relaxed posture
Sloppy (adj)                Untidy, careless
Dwell (verb)                Think anxiously or moodily



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